Monday, 20 May 2013

Tablet weaving designs

 Progress has indeed been made, and thus follows the first of the many updates promised this week.

If you read my IRCC3 update, you may have noted that I'm working on tablet weaving to incorporate into my new costume. So, to this end, I crafted myself a very basic loom.

There are already parts of it that are not-so-steady, and I can see where I'd make improvements, but for my first ever woodworking project, it still does the job!

Unfortunately, a modified kivrim pattern turned out to be a little much for my first tablet weaving project in quite some time, and many, many mistakes were made before I got the pattern right. Even after I declared the issue resolved, I had to rip back and start again.

The final product is about 125cm of useable braid, about an 1"1/4 wide, which annoyingly, is too short my my needs. I may just piece an extra piece onto the end, so all that work doesn't go to waste. Short as I am, I still need a good 150cm length for the centre front seam on my planned dress.

The final pic shows the braid against the wool fabric I'm using for the veste. I can't wait to see all of it in place.

Note: Blogger is being rather annoying this evening, and won't let me add in my pictures. So those will be added as soon as I beat it into submission, I mean, as soon as I negotiate some cooperation from it.
ETA: Now with pictures!

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