Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bottom's Transformation Completed

Ok, I said I'm back and I mean to post much earlier this week, but my schedule didn't like that apparently. So I'll do my best but updates are likely to still be sporadic for the next while.

One of the big things I had to make sure I got finished for the week long event at Raglan was my mask for Bottom's transformation into a donkey during A Midsummer Night's Dream. This actually proceeded well before the event, but I was thrown by events at the end of July which meant while I got things done, posting about them wasn't an option. But here it is now!

Picture taken by Lady Arianhwy Wen
This was a picture taken from our audience, which I was too nervous to interact with as much as I would have liked, though whenever I looked out, people were hamming back to me as much as I was trying to ham to them. Laughs happened in the right places, and unfortunately the light failed a little too much at the end for reading of my script, but I'm told no one noticed the lines I managed to butcher. I didn't quite get over my stage fright at all, but I'm very glad I did it. 

The only changes I made to the mask from the last post were to give it a couple of layers of shellac and add nose and eye outlines. The outliners, more to give a visual aid to the actors and audience, were unpainted straw glued directly onto the frame. The shellac I applied in two layers using a spray bottle to ensure an even application over the reed and the more gauzy sinamay. 

I decided against the mane, it just didn't look as well as I'd hoped while I was designing. That may have been my first and last appearance on the stage, but I certainly wouldn't mind doing more work at the props end of things.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

What a month that was...

Well, that was a much longer break than I'd planned. August was an exceptionally busy month, though July ended on a sad note.

To start the month, I headed over to my larp group Legion, where I got a *coff* long overdue *coff* field promotion and finally got my foot in the door with the casino. Not getting anywhere with the guilds was a major source of frustration for me in the game, and even though this isn't a training opportunity, it's nice to be involved. And it's an excuse to make up some new kit for casino shifts.

From there I was on to Raglan, the longest event in Insulae Draconis. I confess, most of my time there was taken up with nerves about the upcoming play, and though it went well, I'm convinced more than ever now that my place is in the props and costumes section of the theatre, not the stage. But more about the play later.

Also at the event, I saw a number of friends

surprised with very, very well deserved awards. It was just as well the tokens for the event were embroidered napkins, I needed it during the courts. And it came as a surprise when my own name was called out to receive the Order of the Lindquistringes, Drachenwald's service award. The illumination was by Lady Elisant Walters, and the calligraphy by Countess Aryanhwy merch Catmael. I've been wearing my token since the day after that court, and I think it'll be resting there for a good while yet.

From there is was on to a BBQ with my WoW guild, and a reason to forever tease the guildmistress if her internet connection falls over again.


There was the trip to the zoo for my birthday (with the obligatory multiple visits to the tygers)

And then there was Champtions of Lough Devnaree last weekend (which also deserves it's own post) and an upcoming Leather Working workshop next weekend (which will also see the start of a long awaited project), so I'm hoping to be good and busy in getting posts up here again soon.