Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ooh, it's been a rather busy week. Funny how those can sneak up on you.

Thursday saw the shire's A&S meeting. It was a quiet turn out and I got a little more progress done on my needlelace and on my sleeve embroidery, though both are such slow going I'm feeling driven to start a new project, just to keep the interest up.

But today was HandmAid, a craft day in aid of the DSPCA. I signed up to a wheel spinning class with a friend, as while I have my hand in for spindle spinning, wheel spinning is something I very much wanted to try. And spin I did!

The class was taught by two wonderful ladies, and with everyone in the class more than willing to help others, we were all soon in our socks and tredling away. 

I got to try a silk merino blend (the pink/brown yarn on the left) and a pure wool top (it's green, really, on the right).

It was terrific fun. The only downside now if I can see it being some time before I can afford to buy my own wheel, and the the desire to do more wheel spinning, it burns!!!

But it wasn't all temptation unfulfilled. I came away with a very nice haul from the trade and cake stands, so I should be kept entertained and distracted for a little while yet.

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