Monday, 3 February 2014

More Muff Work

Due to the adverse weather conditions around the globe (too cold to sew or too warm to work with fur), the Fabulously Fashionable Fur competition has been extended! So here's an update on how the progress has been on the muff.

I'd already cut a layer of linen to the shape of the fur piece, so I cut the velvet just large enough to hem around the linen.My intention is to whip stitch the edge of the fabric piece to the edge of the rabbit fur, trapping the velvet raw edges in the centre.

That complete, I took the pieces of white linen with the goldwork template and tacked them to the velvet with a strong black thread, for contrast, so it would be easier to identify and remove when the goldwork is complete. I positioned the goldwork approximately an inch in from each edge.


And then is was time to mount the fabric up in my new embroidery frame. Alright, it's no medieval stretch frame, but it's doing a good job of keeping the fabric taut. And it collapses back into a carry case, making it very easy to bring to events to me (and shall be testing that very use quite shortly). 

Now, I will confess, I have started the goldwork. And it is shiny, but oh-so-slow. I'm trying to get a little more done so it can look even more impressive before I show it off. As it is I'll have to do significantly more than an hour an evening to be finished by the end of February.

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