Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Victorian Evening Gown Train

This is one of the posts that was supposed to have made an appearance last week. Quite last minute, I decided my ball gown needed a seperate train in order to be complete. Thankfully I had just enough fabric left for the purpose, even if I had to pin it widthwise rather than lengthwise to ensure it was long enough to cover the skirt train. And considering I'm working with velvet, lets not think about what that did to the nap.

This was a draped train; I had no pattern to work from, so it was just a case of evening out the sides, curving the ends, and pinning in pleats to the top and placing it back on the dress form until I was happy with the fall. I haven't included the action shots from the various pinning attempts as really, they're not all that action-y.

I was rather happy with the end result, even though I felt it was a bit short. I may just have to make a cathedral length train one of these days just to get it out of my system. Rather happy, not completely happy. Something kept bugging me about the train, and it took until the friday of the weekend away for the words to form: all of the other red velvet pieces of this ensemble were trimmed with black lace, so for this piece to belong, it had to be trimmed too.

That's what I was sewing in my regency dress in the last post. And saturday morning before my carriage ride. Makes all the difference doesn't it.

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