Monday, 28 April 2014

New Troos

Last year I started working on a set of fencing garb while at a friends house for a sewing weekend. I made fantastic progress, then packed it all up and didn't touch it again until the bank holiday weekend just gone. So I pulled out the hose and got them completed!

Suzie was resting while these pictures were being taken, so that's Oscar the door stop standing in for her. Seeing as there's not much difference in the pictures themselves, you'll have to trust my word that the one of the left if the front of the hose, and the one on the right is the back, which looks far better when I'm filling it out.

The Challenge: Challenge #8 UFOs & PHDs
Fabric: Imination suede and linen for lining
Pattern: The pattern is Tudor Tailor's Venetian Hose, the men's pattern, cut out in the largest size to accomadate my derrière
Year: Approx 16th century Italy.
Notions: Thread, three pairs large hooks and eyes
How historically accurate is it? Tudor Tailor can be trusted to produce very well researched pieces, so my choice of materials lets the project down. However, as a stash busting exercise and a pair of working hose, I'm quite happy with them. Hooks and eyes as closure are documentable, though perhaps not for hose, so let's say 50% on this one too.
Hours to complete: I think this one took 6-7 hours overall, from tracing the pattern (I'm trying to train myself to not cut into the original pattern anymore), so sewing on the last hooks.
First worn: This is another piece that will be saved for Festival of Fools at the end of May, or failing that, it'll be making it's stage debut with me in August!
Total cost: This was another exercise in stash busting, but bought new the fabric would have cost about €24.

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