Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Silver Linings

Let me tell you a tale of woe... of sorts.

At the start of this year, what seemed like a minor laptop repair turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg; my laptop died and had to be replaced. While I had the rainy-day funds to cover the replacement, this same fund was my travelling fund, so various events, such as going to the Crown Tournament in April in Depedene under Wychwood had to be cancelled.

I was rather miffed about this.

Time passed. I started thinking a lot about the money I was putting aside for a spinning wheel since I got bitten by the bug almost two and half years ago, and thinking dammit, maybe it's about time I got it. Only to have the exchange rates change significantly and with the goalposts moved, resign myself to saving a bit more birthday money.

Cue more dramatic sighing.

Now this was where a very dear friend of mine stepped in. This lady is lovely, clever, and utterly ebil. Once she knows what you like, she takes great pleasure in tormenting you with links to things you can't possibly afford (I've lost count of the number of castles for sale I've viewed now thanks to her). But for all that, her unparalleled skills on escudo-bay, or e-bay to the layperson, more than make up for the ebil.

I mentioned this exchange rate frustration to her, and she took to escudo-bay on a mission. A few styles were considered and rejected until she came across one perfect example. With accessories. 

 Barely used and all for half the price of a new wheel. Collection only, but on the way to Crown tournament, which she and her husband were still going to. Now, if I'd still been going to the event, the wheel would not have fit in the car with them on the way back. Not that I'm really one to believe in destiny, but it's hard not to think that this spinning wheel wasn't meant for me. And Suzie, having personally inspected the wheel, is inclined to agree.

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