Saturday, 16 February 2013

This morning was spent mostly in essential organisational tasks.. meaning I was tidying. However, this did result in finding the red velvet and orange-gold taffeta that I had long ago put aside for a Tudor gown but is now being repurposed for a Victorian gown.

Alas, while I was trying to dig out the orange taffeta, I fell across another purchase from some time ago. A grey pinstripe with rows of roses that screams "victoriana" to me. So now I have a dilemma.

Thanks to my friends (no really, thanks), I now now I'm making two costumes. I figure that will be one for day wear and one for evening and social occasions. But I can't decide which fabric to use for which!

I'll be using Truly Victorian's Tail Bodice pattern to stick with my plan of making an 1880's costume, and seeing as I already have the pattern I'll be using the pattern for both looks. An fully closed front for the day wear and the open neck for the evening wear.

And finally, because I've had a few pieces of broiderie anglaise sitting in my stash for quite some time, I thought I should use to them to make some rather pretty unmentionables. 

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