Sunday, 10 March 2013

This really is becoming a bad habit.

So I shall beg for your forgiveness by posting some saucy pics... me.. in just my underwear!

Well, my Victorian undergarments ;)

The chemise comes from a Simplicity pattern 9769, but to be honest, I'm not likely to use it again. It's not often a pattern gets the better of me, but I found this one to be overcomplicated and a little bulkier than I could have liked.

The drawers, not that you can see much of them in this picture (just as well really, as the broderie anglaise I used is almost opaque enough to be indecent) are from the Laughing Moon #100 pattern, and include my first attempt at pintucks!

I forgot to bring along my corset to this particular sewing day, but I tried on the bustle that I had just completed for the look. I used the tutorial provided by American Duchess, on how to make a lobster tail bustle. The tutorial is customisable to your own measurements, and I cannot sing the praises of it high enough. I had the pattern drafted and fabric cut in one evening and had the bustle made up in a day. Granted, it's not perfect, but that's my own inexperience with the thing.

Now, I have many more pieces to make. I have enough broiderie anglaise left over, as well as enough of the lilac cotton that I'm very tempted to make matching "sets" of undergarments. Then there's the need for a proper underskirt to make sure my skirts are supported, as well as the skirt itself, the top and something nice to wear in my hair. But for the sake of deadlines (13th April), I'll be skipping straight to skirt and top, which I already have patterns for.

The other thing that's been keeping me going has been my brewing endevours. I'm using a ginger beer plant, in the lower left of the below picture, which has been amusing my no end by taking on the colour of whatever it was brewing in last. Here, it's taken on a pink hue from the just bottled strawberry iced tea on the right, which a blackberry tea infuses to be added to brown sugar for the next batch. I've very much developed a liking for iced teas, and with a couple of specialist tea sellers nearby now, I have a lot to experiment with.


  1. Is that the inadvertently dyed fabric? Pretty colour!

    1. Yep, the very same. As accidental fabric preparations go, this one worked out quite well!