Tuesday, 21 May 2013

IRCC3 - layer two

While running an event the weekend just gone, I managed to sit down for long enough to get my brocade skirt finished! My feet assure me that I wasn't actually sitting down for long, so I can only conclude that my hand sewing speed has increased somewhat.

I didn't have enough brocade to do the complete skirt, so I chose to cut it carefully so as to give a full front panel, and a broad back of skirt panel. This was a perfectly in period technique used to stretch expensive fabrics further while giving the impression of wealth. I'm hoping when my veste in in place, the false back won't be visible at all. 

I haven't been brave enough to try on the skirt yet...gremlins have been hard at work this month sewing my clothes tighter, and I don't want to be disappointed by the fit just yet. Though it will also help me to determine if I want to put a waistband onto the skirt for comfort. 

Another point to add regarding this skirt, when I went to buy the linen to line it with, the shop didn't have the colour I wanted. I wasn't willing to wait (just as well as the skirt is finished now and the grey linen still isn't in stock), so I picked up some black linen. This doesn't really affect the brocade at all, but from the back, the brocade sparkles through, making the black linen look shiny and expensive.

So I hatched a plan. With a little careful sewing, I could make myself a fully reversible skirt and double my wardrobe contents in one easy step!

Firstly, I sewing the broacde to the linen to create seperate shell pieces. When this was complete, I stitched the two pieces together, making sure to only catch the brocade fabric with my thread.

With the outer seams complete, pressing the stitching flat meant the linen edges were meeting by themselves. All I had to do was used my stitching to pull and keep the sides togther. And for the most part, I kept my stitches neat enough that the inner seams should be all but invisible.

At some point I'll decide on a trim of some kind to decorate the end of the black skirt, but I'm happy enough with my trick for now.

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