Thursday, 2 May 2013

Leather helm

Twas the night before Moot, 
And all through the house,
There was bluster and panic, 
And kit strewn about...

Sometimes, you can't wait for motivation, you have to just kick yourself and get going. Other times you need to wait because the inspiration just isn't there. Such was the case with my new larp armour helm. I played with cardboard pieces for two weeks, and it wasn't until tuesday that the design finally came together in my head. 

When I had all the pieces assembled, I maked out where they overlapped and transferred these markings to the leather.The centre of each piece also has a strip of leather runing down the centre to help the pieces hold their shape. And if you're going to add in a functional piece, may as well make it pretty. 

So a bit of fussing around and it's complete! There's a couple of pieces that aren't quite right, I think I wasn't holding them steady when I set the rivets, but I'm delighted to have it ready to try out over the weekend. The helm is held in place by a piece of elastic that sit under the leather going back from the strap at the temples - anything I could do to avoid using a chin strap.

Now, here's hoping with getting this done last minute, I don't bring on the curse...

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