Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The confering of my Award of Arms

At the weekend, there was an event called Flaming Arrow. While there wasn't much in the way of flames, there was a lot of archery. And debauchery for that matter - (anyone who's attended a Dun in Mara archery practice will know what I'm refering to). The archery I mostly sucked at, but it was good to get in the practice. However, the highlight of the weekend was the first court of the weekend of Prince Vitus and Princess Isabel, in which I was gifted my Award of Arms.

For those outside the SCA, the award of arms is usually the first award received. On the surface, it allows me to title myself "Lady Cassandra", and yes, I'm still getting a lot of giggles from that, and allows me to display my arms at events when I have them decided. Under the surface though, no award is given unless you have been nominated for it. Unless people have seen you, your contribution to the dream and have recommended you. Eventually, the recommendations are totaled and the powers-that-be decide you're worthy to receive the award and rewards that go with it.

To me, this means that people believe I am making a positive contribution to my own corner of the SCA. It's a vote of confidence and encouragement. It's a vote of support. It's incentive to keep working, to work even harder, to bring this joy to others.

So my thanks to Prince Vitus and Princess Isabel - it was an honour to recieve the award from your hands.
My thanks to the calligrapher Arianrhod o Gymru and the illuminator Pól Ó Briain for your beautiful work.
And my thanks to all of you who sent in your recommendations for me - I hope I do you all proud.

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