Sunday, 21 April 2013

Costume Competition - making a start

The Realm of Venus Italian Renaissance Costume Competition started last Sunday, and I having just finished my Victorian costume, I prepared for the competition by having a bath and generally relaxing. It was a good call.

A week later, I have a pair of drawers made and have made a start on the skirt.

The drawer are made of fine cotton, hand stitched with a pattern I draftedmyself based on extant drawers in the Met Museum. The embroidery is done in split stitch, using four threads of varigated embroidery floss. The pattern for the embroidery is a modified version of that which appears on a chemise in Patterns of Fashion 4. Suzie approves, so I'm quite happy too.

Another choice pleasing Suzie is my choice of brocade for the skirt. I didn't have enough for a full skirt, so I'll be making a false back for the skirt, which will hopefully remain hidden when it is worn under the veste. 

I'm lining this skirt with linen to give it body and support. Black linen because I didn't have the patience to wait two weeks for a lighter colour to come into stock. But I'm going to turn this to my advantage and made the skirt reversible, doubling my wardrobe options in one (hopefully) simple move!

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