Thursday, 25 April 2013

Armouring up

With the best part of a year to do the work in, I have waited, once again, until two weeks before the event to work on the remainder of my larp armour.

Firstly, I finally made my bracers. I had originally planned to make these in the same fashion as my torso/body armour, but when I went to put the pieces together, these pre-prepared and previously rejected bracer blanks caught my eye and with some burgundy leather straps, turned out to be just right for what I wanted.

They're plain at the moment, but I like the classic look. And it fits with my character currently being a cadet. When I get promoted, I can doll them up a little.

The helm is coming along, but a good deal more slowly. Bracers I've made before, but I'm fussing quite a bit about the helm, because I want it to look right. And given how short I am, I want to make sure if looks good from all angles.

So when you're making a clothing mock up, you use a cheap cotton or similar, something that will imitate the final fabric. When making a mock up for a leather project, you use cardboard.

I feel like a kid again, getting to play with coloured cardboard, cutting it up into pretty shapes.  The styrofoam head is essential for this mock up. I'm pinning cardboard pieces to it until the shape is right, then I should be able to transfer them directly to the leather. And if luck is with me, it'll be ready for next weekend!

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