Thursday, 4 April 2013

Victorian skirts

I didn't get quite as much sewing done as I was planning over the long easter weekend, but the skirt is still coming along nicely.

I'm using the Truly Victorian pattern TV208, for skirt option A, as the waterfall drapery of my planned top won't go well over a bustle draping of skirt option B.

I made an underskirt from red poly-cotton, actually curtain lining, and trimmed the hem so as to remove the train. It's draped over the bustle on the dressform, and I adore how it falls. It's so crisp and precise and perfect! I have some red and white striped cotton that I'm going to turn into pleats for the hem, but that can be added to the "can be done later" list. I'll concentrate on the visible details first. 

The skirt is made from an orange-gold taffeta, and I adore it already. The skirt is just seam sewn and hemmed at the moment, the pleats are pinned in place, because I don't want to have to iron the skirt again is I can help it. Unfortunately I didn't have quite enough fabric for all of the fixings for the skirt. I have the main skirt pieces, and enough for the tabs which fall down the back, but the apron pieces I had to cut out of the same red velvet I'll be making the top from. For this reason, I think I'll make apron detachable, so as to give the skirt more of a mix and match option for the future.

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