Tuesday, 23 July 2013

IRCC3 distractions

23 days left.

Even if I wasn't watching the calender, I'd know the dealine was approaching, because the usual gremlins are making their presence known. Three weeks to go and I should be putting every effort into the final details (and correcting the mistakes), but what am I thinking of instead?

- Quotes on trousers
- Project Hollyhock!
- Petticoats! All of the petticoats!
- Parasols...little mini hats too while I think of it
- Project Cinnabar - wasn't entirely sure about this name, but eh, it's stuck now.
- Corsets! I miss corsets...

But I'm being good! I didn't find out until after I'd cut the fur that I prefere the look of ribbon trim on my zimarra, and over 20m of hand sewn ribbon later, I still have a lot to do. Need about a dozen more buttons too. Onwards!

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