Sunday, 14 July 2013

IRCC3 - layer four

No, you haven't missed a post, I have indeed skipped the update of layer three, but with good reason. I'll come back to it shortly.

For layer four of the competition, I've been making myself an Italian style coat, or Zimarra.

I've been making my zimarra from an old curtain. Just one curtain has given enough fabric for body and sleeve, both flared as the zimarra is not a fitted style. Almost all of the seams are french seams, and all hand sewn as part of the competition. 

Apart from attaching the sleeves, (the one on the picture is just pinned in place for the picture), I'll be trimming the front and open sleeves edges with some white fake fur. For the zimarra front and sleeve closures, I'll be using the embroidered buttones I mentioned in my last post. I have eight of those done so far, which should be enough for just one sleeve. Oh well, it's enjoyable work at least.

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