Friday, 16 August 2013

18th Century Court Gowns

Speaking of my friend Laura, this is what she threw at me during the last week of the competition.

I'll admit, I considered it. While the robe a la polonaise appeals, the court gowns of the 18th century appeals to me less so. But I took a browse, went trough some portraits and some pictures, and then I found this:

Isn't she divine? For reasons I can't explain, I just adore it. The colours, the contrast, it's wonderful!

And then I found out that this is not an authentic 18th century gown, but rather a costume made for Gladys George in MGMs 1938 production of Marie Antoinette. I like my historical references to be historial, damnit! But what the costumer wants, the costumer must have. I asked Laura, much more experienced with 18th century clothing than I, to look it over, and she determined that with some recutting of seams to match period dresses, and I'll be good to go. So the dress plan is back on. I'm picturing a black velvet overdress, I might even have enough already in my stash, and a black satin underskirt. And all that embellishment.... I'm going to need to work up to that.

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