Wednesday, 14 August 2013

And needles down

And I'm done.

Sure there's more embellishments I could do, but with a little under 24 hours to go, I've decied to save myself the stress and stop now.

I have everythig packed away now to head out to my friend Laura's on friday, who has once again very generously offered to help with the picture aspect of the competition, and I was pleasantly surprised with all the bits I had to remember to add to the box. I'd honestly forgotten I had so much done!

My costumers ADHD kicked in in full force this week, and I have several more costumes planned out, that will provide some nice picture posts even if I never get arount to them. A girl needs dreams, eh?

Yes, focus. I'll do a more complete post on the competition when I have the pictures to go with. But most importantly for now, I am very happy with my new, fully complete garb. That's one up I have on last year too!

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