Wednesday, 13 November 2013

And I'm back...

I think I'm recovered from the weekend. My first ever formal class went well! I had an uptake of three students in the end, half of the limit I'd set for the class, which meant that I went through my material much faster than I'd expected. Having had time to think about it, there are some points I possibly could have expanded on more, and had more examples available for, but my students all seemed pleased and went away happy, so I really didn't do too badly.

Post class collapse (will that ever not happen? I just need more experience, right?) meant that I only fit in two others classes - Public Speaking for the Terrified by Salvino in the hopes that one day I'll actually be able to recite a tale at an event. The second class was Fingerloop Braiding by Mistress Johanna aff Hucka. I was delighted to get in this class as I'd been starting to look at examples online, but just couldn't figure it out - it was just one of those things I needed to see in person.

In the mean time, I've a black kirtle to make and a new skill to learn in the next week and a half for the next event, so of course I've started a new knitting project.  The pattern is a german one called Nanette, cuff down. I much prefer toe up, so I've translated the chart, and am just getting along with that. Woo, procrastination!

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