Monday, 25 November 2013

Medieval Italian Costume

In these modern times, when everything from 50 years old and older is referred to as "costume", it can be awfully difficult to figure out what it was our predecessors wore when they went out partying. As it were. But Medieval Dead III was coming, and I refused to be undone!

Starting with Italian fairy tales, I finally came across a two line reference to creatures called Longana, faun like water spirits, not a million miles away from the Irish legend of Selkies. I could find no more (interwebs, why do you hate me so). I was saved however by Aodh who found further references under the alternate name of the Anguana. It confirmed the half woman-half goat legend and had a further reference to a harvest association, giving me enough to work with.

I ordered a bundle of rye straw from, which was almost as tall as I am! Cute kitty doorstop added for scale.

I had plans to teach myself straw braiding and do something very elaborate with the straw, but I ran out of time, so mocked up a simple pair of rams horn and a small sheaf to carry around as part of my costume. On the day, my make up, which really added the finished touches, was done by Fianna, and simple though it was, I thoroughly enjoyed this costume.

Voting was by popular choice, with each person entering in the costume competition having to give a little speech on their entry. Have I mentioned that public speaking terrifies me? In the words of Nessa, I'm getting plenty of practice this year, whether I want it or not! I forgot half of what I'd read up on, but I'm told I communicated enough to show I had researched my topic so yay. One more step towards being brave enough to actually recite something. And last, the winning costume entry. Granted you can't see the make up very well in these pictures, but trust me, it was fabulous. 

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