Saturday, 21 December 2013

Regency Progress

On the advise of friends who've made these dresses before me, I gave up on attempting to draft the pattern mysself, and am now using patterns from Sense and Sensibility Patterns.

For the dress, I'm using the elegant ladys closet pattern, and will be combining the wrap front with the short sleeves to make an evening look with the gold coloured chiffon I have. If I find something nice in a light cotton, I might do up a day dress too. But the wrap front I hope will allow me to do a little ruching with the chiffon and create some extra texture.

I've also selected the spencer pattern, because passing up the chance to recreate this, as I may have mentioned before, would be a sin. Also, I think I might have developed a little something regarding goldwork.

So far the patterns are printed, laid out and taped together, with Suzie once again reprising her role as faithful paperweight...for a short while at least.The patterns are now cut out in my size (bust sizings seperate from pattern dress sizings? I think these might be my new favourite patterns!), and I just need to find the time to do up a quick mock up before I cut into the good fabric.

Just 11 weeks left to go until the costuming weekend away. Lots of time, right?

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