Sunday, 12 July 2015

Raglan Prep - first post of...many

Raglan preparation this year breaks down into three categories:

  • Stuff to be made for other people
  • Stuff to be prepared for classes
  • Stuff for myself
Though that last one tends to be endless and is subject to heavy prioritisation. Things... are not going well, not least because leaving component parts in other peoples houses does not lead to progress. But there's time yet!*

So far I've been cutting out multiple hat patterns so I can have several "and here's one I made earlier" stages available for construction demonstration at my class.The trick with these will be to assemble them with as little handling as possible, so the fabrics don't disintegrate along the edges in the time between now and the event.

On the knitting front, the first of the gift items has been delivered, a little socky purse that I actually developed the pattern for myself.

They were made from the same yarn (malabrigo, my favourite) and to go to the same recipient of the Aragorn socks I made earlier this year, and which even came to a Professor Elemental show with me.
* Famous last words

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