Saturday, 18 July 2015

Raglan prep - stuff to be made for others

The first item has come off my list, allowing that two weeks before the event is a little early to be making the baked good bribery items.

Last year seemed to be a blanket year for the bumps of my acquaintance, while this year cardigan patterns have caught my eye. I've one more pattern I'd like to make up, but alas, I have a shortage of bumps. This one though, will be given to a mini someone at Raglan, and is sized for wear-ability over the winter.

The pattern is Baby Sophisticate, and is made primarily with Drops fabel. I actually ran short of yarn for the collar, and made up the difference with a Lidl purchased solid colour, which I'm actually delighted I did; the different colour really makes the collar pop.

The second item I needed to complete was a piece of Viking wire weave jewellery for a barter exchange.

This is made in a double weave with 0.4mm silver plated wire, which my fingers greatly objected to at first. It's a wonder I try any delicate work at all sometimes, so determined are my hands to refuse to work with it.

The necklace is shortish, being made to sit just below the gap in the clavicular notches when worn.

And because this is very worth mentioning, this is the first time I've managed to successfully manufacture my own end caps! Ok, sure, they're not absolutely perfect, but they look solid, rather than the gap-y monstrosities of my previous attempts. It's almost like I had a class in this stuff coming up or something... 


  1. The wire necklace is lovely! I'm sure the new owner will be delighted.
    (have I ever told you how awesomely talented you are? If I have managed to forget that I'll do it now: You are awesomely talented!)