Friday, 21 August 2015

Barters and Shenanigans

I'm currently testing out the wi-fi at the airport, and while I can confirm it's pretty good, the airport makes for a  lousy place to take pictures of najlbinding; at least when one is trying to take them against a sunny outside world to try and get some plane into the shot. In short though, najlbinding makes the perfect in flight project; packs up nice and small and gave no hassle getting through security. Though ask me again how perfect it is when I'm getting funny looks for the other passengers for continually trying on my sock as I work on it.

While at Raglan, I collected my half of the barter exchange, and I'm able to share that with you now.

This is a custom made piece of tablet weave, made by the wonderfully talented Catherine Weaver. She designed the pattern specifically for me and the project I'm working on, and I'm chuffed to bits with it?

Oh the project? Oh, that'd be the shenanigans you may have heard me mention previously. This is the first clue as to what's it's about. A cookie to the person who figures it out first....

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