Saturday, 7 September 2013

IRCC 3 - The Results

The results of the third annual Realm of Venus costume competition were announced and, well, I won second place! This was so much better than I was expecting. IRCC3 was the first competition where competitors were offered the opportunity to begin work on intricate items before the competition proper started. I didn't avail of this as I only decided to enter the competition quite late in the preparation process.I was sure that losing out on that time meant that I'd already lost too many points to place. But no, I won silver.

I'm finding myself very inspired by this. I want to work that much harder the next time. My dress is based on the fashions on 1560's Florence, but next time I'll do more research, more documentable research, so I can feel happy about submitting my costume as a full A&S project.

The Fourth Annual Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge, once again allowing extensive handwork to start immediately, has been announced. And this one I already know what I'm going to be making.