Saturday, 21 September 2013

Regency Dress plans

I am, nominally, trying to cut down on my fabric purchases these days. Or at least, using up or giving away some of what's been sitting there some time. So, of course, this was at the top of my mind when I went to the shops the other day to get thread, just thread, all I need is thread.Until the treacherous part of my mind suggested I should trying the evening wear fabrics section, just in case I spotted something... 
 So, almost 6 metres of 60" wide chiffon later, I bought the thread I needed. In my defense, it was reduced to only €5 per metre. And even if the label on the bolt said "coffee", seen by the light of the camera flash, it's really living in denial of being an old gold colour. Which is excellent, because I'll be able to tie the style I want, a simple dress with a contrast lining and the chiffon as a loose overlay, to the Spenser jacket I've already fallen for pictured here.
And now I have a deadline to sew for! I'll need to get an awful lof of these costumes done by the end of March next year for a very special weekend.

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