Monday, 23 September 2013

Jeans Skirt II

I'm trying to get my floordrobe sorted at the moment, and discovered that I have *ahem* quite the little horde of partially worn out cord jeans, waiting for the "I'll fix them later" moment to arrive. Sure, I could modify them like I did last time, but the ideal of making a variety of skirts is much more appealing.

For this skirt, I selected three pairs of cords in shade of brown, and started by cutting open the inner seam completely.  I'd already measured by waist (and my hips to make sure nothing ended up too tight) I flattened out the cut trousers, and marked out one sixth of this size on the waistband of the cords, and cut this mark down to the furthest point of the leg cuff, so I'd get a good, broad piece of fabric.

I'd planned to use all six pieces, but must have been too generous in my cutting as all six pieces together were too generous for my own curves. Where pockets would sit on the back of the skirt, I sewed up the edges, and on all panel, I removed the back pocket panel.

If I'd been more organised, or stopped to do this whole skirt more carefully, though that wasn't the intention at all here, I would have planned the skirt closure more carefully. As it was, I cobbled one of the jeans zips into the panel of the same colour. It's not perfect, but it works.

And voila, the finished skirt! I've already dubbed it the Chocolate Skirt in my own mind. With three jeans worth of fabric, it is delightfully heavy, and is whispering quietly to me of talk of petticoats.

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