Friday, 17 January 2014

Muff Progress

Well, just because my supplies aren't going to get here on time, doesn't mean I should put the project aside completely!

As I mentioned last time, I'd finally made up my mind and selected a pattern to embroider, so the first step was to trace that out of the book. Once I traced it out, I outlined it again with a fine black marker so the design would be easier to see through the linen.

My original plan was to use a natural coloured linen, but my light box wasn't powerful enough to make the pattern distinct through that, so I had to switch to using white linen. At least a light box is a far cry from the methods used in period. Though in a previous project when I couldn't find said light box, I've had to use sunlight against a window, and I can tell you, it gets uncomfortable very quickly.
Image from the book 'Embroiderers' by K. Staniland

I tapped the linen strips to the light box with masking tape as I worked to ensure it remained taut as I worked. I felt like eating the first strip, but the second went much quicker.

And voila, the prepared product! Each strip is the length of the rabbit fur I'll be using to make the muff. The next plan will to make some buttons, cloth ones this time I think, and then I'm back to waiting until my supplies arrive.

 Must plan my projects better in the future.

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