Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fabulously Fashionable Fur

Well, the year is off to a less than stellar start, in that I think I've done myself out of the running for the Realm of Venus mini challenge.

My original plan was to make myself a fur lined muff, in the Venetian style. My materials were as shown in the pic, a large, oh-so-soft grey rabbit fur which I posess thanks to Alyss of my household spying it during her xmas market shopping.A linen lining and a red crushed cotten velvet as the fashion fabric. The final touch was going to be some goldwork embellishments, in a design I finally choose from Italian Renaissance Textile Designs. The selling point of this final decision was that two bands of goldwork weaving up each side of the muff would allow a central section clear from me to add my heraldry when it gets approved (it recently passed the first stage).

However, December happened. And flu. Let's just blame the flu. I didn't order my goldwork supplies until the new year so I'll be lucky if it arrives a week before the competition is due to end. I can sew quickly, but on my second ever goldwork project? I'm not that good, not yet. It'll get completed anyway, I would love to have something to keep my hands warm while I watch a tourney. And even if all my research is pointing towards black being a more period colour, I guess I could make one to match the hat I already have? Or make two; one black, one red and then make a red velvet bonnet to match this muff. Both would tie in well with my zimarra at least.

Nothing I can do for the moment anyway. Ho hum.

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