Sunday, 12 January 2014

Regency Progress

Sometimes company is just what you need to properly break into a project. So yesterday I made a trip out to a friends place and we both got a lot of progress done on projects that had been eyeing each of us from the to-do pile.

For me, this was in the form of my Regency ballgown.The pictures haven't come out great, due to the rather grey sky today, but the old gold chiffon over white lining is coming out with such a lovely rich colour. And I was assured by Laura as I was trying on the bodice, that the colour and the shape both flatter me.

I'm still worried about time, having lost the two weeks over the holidays, so for the moment, I've decided to forgo the stays and followed the pattern advise on adjusting the darts to suit my modern shape, instead of the lift the stays would provide. 

I'd picked up some gold ribbon to finish the sleeves and add a little detail under the bust. I'll likely use the ribbon as part of the tie for the dress, as I'm finding the instructions a little confusing, so I've reached the part in the pattern where I'm just going to do my own thing. But I'll do a full write up of the pattern when I'm done.

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